Communications and Public Relations

Sharing information with students, the campus, the community

The Campus Communication System allows you to share news, events, activities and announcements for distribution to the following communication media:

  • College website (News, Highlight feature)
  • Leeward Events, our online calendar
  • UH News and UHCC System websites
  • On-campus digital signage system
  • Campus Bulletin
  • Official College Online Sites (twitter, facebook, blogs)
  • Media distribution via news releases, when applicable

Use ONE of the following to have your activity or news included in Campus Communications:

Leeward Events, online calendar for all events and activities. Deadlines and important dates should also be included on the calendar, with a news item posted to alert people in advance of the deadline.

Example of a Deadline: February 1 is the deadline to apply for a special grant.
Enter the information in the calendar as a February 1 "event" AND submit a news item 2 to 3 weeks (or longer if deemed necessary) prior to "announce" the opportunity and give your intended audience sufficient lead time.

Information and instruction on using the calendar located online.

News Form, for news, announcements and web features. Important note--all items (except deadlines) submitted to Leeward Events, will automatically be included in all appropriate media distribution outlets so you do not need to submit an item in this form. Please see the above paragraph explaining how to deal with deadlines.

For all other Creative Services Projects, please use the online Request Form.
All Creative Service requests must be entered via our online form.


Campus Bulletin: Thursday, 4pm, for inclusion in the following Monday edition
Press release to media: 6 weeks in advance of event
College Social Media sites: 1 week in advance of posting
Digital Signage System: 2 weeks in advance of airing*

*Digital Signage--New animations are added on Fridays for the following week.
If you’d like to promote an event for two weeks on the digital signs before the event date, you need to submit the information four weeks prior to the event.

If something is happening without the required advance timing, please submit the information via the form and send an email to leeward2 [at] hawaii [dot] edu (Tad Saiki) to alert him of the situation.

To Submit News, Information and Announcements: