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Innovation Center for Teaching and Learning (ICTL)

E ala! E alu! E kuilima! Rise! Together! Join Hands!
ʻŌlelo Noʻeau #258 (Pukui, 1983, p. 32)

Welcome, ‘Ohana Leeward, to the Innovation Center for Teaching and Learning (ICTL) at Leeward Community College! ICTL has been in existence for over 30 years and is committed to supporting student success by offering a wide variety of professional development, innovation, and collaborative growth opportunities for all Leeward employees.

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Your tax-deductible donation allows us to invest in our college’s greatest asset, our faculty and staff! This fund is used for individual and group professional development, mentoring, and reflective practitioner retreat opportunities for all employees. Mahalo for believing in us!

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About ICTL

The Innovation Center for Teaching and Learning has been featured in the Community College Journal for its efforts to encourage and support innovative thought and action in our campus community.

Our Vision

We envision a unified, supportive, and inclusive professional learning community that embraces innovation and the pursuit of continuous improvement in our contributions to the College.

Our Mission

The Center’s mission is to support student success by providing Leeward’s faculty and staff with opportunities for innovation, professional growth, collaboration, and excellence.

ICTL Guiding Principles
  • To build community that supports personal, professional, and/or institutional progress.
  • To support leadership growth and development.
  • To provide dynamic, fluid, and trending professional development, including Native Hawaiian (NH) and Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) education.
ICTL Goals/Support Area Outcomes (SAOs)
  • GOAL/SAO #1: The ICTL will provide a variety of professional growth opportunities that enhance teaching and learning and/or work experiences.
  • GOAL/SAO #2: The ICTL will provide quality professional growth opportunities that enhance teaching and learning experiences and/or work experiences.
  • GOAL/SAO #3: The ICTL will provide professional growth opportunities that support student success.
  • GOAL/SAO #4: The ICTL will provide opportunities for innovative thought and action that directly impact employee work contributions.
  • GOAL/SAO #5: The ICTL will provide opportunities for collaboration and/or community building that directly impact employee work contributions.
Model of Professional Development at Leeward Community College

In this model, Leeward employees begin their professional development experience with their connection to the college and the campus community, including our students. It is in the Connection and Exploration phase that they orient themselves to the campus and its purpose, and explore ways in which they want to contribute to the college. This phase includes building a sense of connection to the place and the people that are Leeward. The individual can then determine what professional development is needed in order to reach their goal.

The next phase is Entry. This entails helping the new hire (or the employee with a new goal in mind) to be exposed to professional development activities, including workshops, sessions, assessments, cohort programs, and mentorships, that will help them gain the basic knowledge necessary to succeed in their position and/or professional development goal.

ICTL Employee Success Pathway (need image)

Progress & Learning is the phase in which the employee seeks and participates in supplemental learning opportunities that provide additional skills and knowledges that enhance their progress in their position and/or towards their professional development goal. Collaboration and participation in group learning on an inter-disciplinary, campus-wide, or system level may occur in this stage.

Goal Completion & Reflection is a stage in which the individual reflects on each of their phases of learning and determines what has been achieved, what has been learned, and what is the next level of their development and contribution to the college. In this way, the experience is cyclical and represents the continuous pursuit of improvement via learning, assessment, and reflection.

Our Staff

ICTL Coordinator

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ICTL Advisory Board

An Innovation Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Board, consisting of 17 faculty and staff members representing divisions and employee categories throughout the campus, provides support in professional development funding, awards, and program development input. 

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Michael Oishi, Sharon Narimatsu, and Jerald Takesono


Thanks to funding through UH and several generous donors, Leeward’s employees are able to take advantage of various opportunities to better themselves and improve the impact they make on our students and our campus community.



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