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Human Resources Forms

Workload Commitment (xlsx)Workload Commitment Form rev05-2020 (updated 5/2020) Download
Training Request Instructions UH Form 410UH Form 410 - Instructions to complete the Training Request Download
Training Request - UH Form 410UH Form 410 - Training Request Download
Timesheets Request for Overtime work - UH Form 10UH Form 10 - Request for Overtime Work (updated 09/11/22) Download
Timesheets FLSA - Timesheet (XLS) Pink paper preferredFLSA - Timesheet (XLS, Microsoft Office Excel)Pink paper preferred Download
Timesheets FLSA - InstructionsFLSA - Instructions to fill out the form (PDF) Download
Timesheets D-55 - InstructionsD-55: Instructions to fill out the form Download
Timesheets D-55 - Individual Timesheet (XLS)D-55 - Individual Timesheet (Microsoft Excel XLS) August 2012 Download
Timesheets Certification for Compensation - (Meals) - UH Form 11UH Form 11 - Certification for Compensation (Meals) (updated 11/18/20) Download
Student with Two JobsStudent with Two Jobs form (PDF, fillable) (updated 02/21/17) Download
Student Progress ReportStudent Progress Report form (PDF, fillable), (updated 4/26/2021) Download
Student FICA QuestionnaireStudent Summer FICA Exemption Questionnaire form (PDF, fillable) (updated 4/27/20) Download
PTS Deferred Compensation EnrollmentPTS Deferred Compensation Enrollment Form for Part-Time, Temporary, and Seasonal/Casual Employees of the State Download
PAF - Lecturers (xlsx) (08-23)PAF - Lecturers PAF - Personnel Action Form for Lecturers (Rev. 08/01/2023) Download
PAF - Instructional-Non Instructional Casual Overload (xlsx) (10-23)PAF - Personnel Action Form (PAF) Instructional/Non Instructional Casual/Overload (rev.10/12/2023) Download
Lecturer Step Placement Update FormSubmit this form to CC Homebase. Updated: 10/22/18 Download
Leave of Absence ApplicationUH Form 1 Application for Leave of Absence Download
Leave Sharing Donation - UH Form 68UH Form 68 - Leave Sharing Donation Form Download
ID Card ApplicationID Card Application Download
EEO UH Form 17a - Civil Service SelectionUH Form 17a - Civil Service Selection Form (PDF, fillable) Revised 09/2018 Download
EEO UH Form 17 - BOR Selection Form (XLS)UH Form 17 - BOR Selection Form (Microsoft Excel, XLS). revised: 6/17/11 Download
Confidentiality Notice - UH Form 92UH Form 92 - General Confidentiality Notice Download
Casual Hires - Request for Casual HireRequest for Casual Hire Form (PDF fillable 02/23) Download
Casual Hires - Recommendation to Fill MemoRecommendation to Fill Memo (Word doc rev 10/2022) Download
Casual Hires - Casual Hire Form 17Casual Hire Form 17 (excel fillable 01/12) Download

Additional Forms


Employee Self-Identification form (EEO/AA rev. 07/20) Please return the completed form to your department Personnel Officer. University of Hawai’i Employee Self-Identification The University of Hawai’i complies with recordkeeping requirements under federal and State civil rights laws and regulations. In accordance with these laws, the University invites employees to voluntarily self-identify their sex and race or ethnicity. Submission of this information is voluntary and refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment. The information obtained will be kept confidential and may only be used in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws, executive orders, and regulations.
Exit Checklist Employee exit checklist. Download and upon completion, submit it to your Department Chair/Unit Head.


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