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Distance Education (DE) for Instructors

The following information and resources are for Distance Education (DE) instructors. Looking for information and resources for DE students? Visit Leeward’s website.

Our Commitment

  1. Innovation in the use of distance learning technologies is critical since the technologies for learning at a distance delivery are constantly changing. Understanding the effective use of these technologies in ways that improve learning and enhance teaching is an increasing and ongoing process. The College is committed to encouraging the most effective ways to implement technologies that are congruent with its mission and resources.
  2. Collaboration and interaction are implicit in the very nature of these technologies. DE eliminates traditional boundaries and enables institutions to find ways to collaborate in serving the needs of students. The College is committed to developing collaboration and interaction in DE courses that are consistent with its mission.
  3. Quality of DE courses is essential to the College. The use of distance learning technologies must contribute to the quality of courses and the success of students.

DE Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

DE Support and Resources


  • DE Liaisons – Colleagues from each division who will help you teach online, connect with campus resources and colleagues, and build relationships amongst those who regularly teach online. Request assistance from a DE Liaison.
  • Instructional Designers – EMC’s Instructional Designers partner with instructors to create online courses, conduct workshops, and provide resources to support your professional development using technology and teaching online.

Tools and Resources

Additional Materials

DE Student Surveys

DE Reports

Excellence in Online Teaching Award (EOTA)

  • Excellence in Online Teaching Award (EOTA) – An award from the DE Committee that recognizes DE instructors for their excellence in online teaching.
  • DE Course Examples – A gallery of videos where Leeward CC DE instructors highlight the design features of their DE courses.