Mentoring and Supports

Mentorship is a valuable resource that can greatly impact personal and professional growth. Mentors can guide and support you on your journey, providing valuable insights and advice based on their own experiences. Find ways to seek out mentors and supports while at Leeward CC.

Leeward grads at commencement posing for camera

Power Mentors

The Power Mentor Program provides faculty and staff with short-term, one-on-one assistance from selected Power Mentors to improve student learning and/or effectiveness on the job.

The Process:

  1. Faculty and lecturers who would like help with a topic, issue, or teaching strategy can request a Power Mentor from a list of potential Power Mentors. If a topic of interest is not listed, please contact the Innovation Center for Teaching & Learning and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
  2. Complete the Power Mentor Appointment Request form.
  3. Upon completion of your power mentor session, you will be asked to provide feedback via the anonymous feedback form.

Lecturer Mentor Group (LMG)

Lecturer mentors are “seasoned” lecturers who have been recommended by their division chair and vetted through the LMG members. They provide individual and small group support to all Leeward lecturers regarding topics such as lecturer dossiers, human resources paperwork, lecturer benefits, classroom management, syllabus preparation, submission of grades, student issues, or anything related to teaching and learning at Leeward CC. The group also provides representation on shared governance committees such as Campus Council and Faculty Senate.

Feel free to contact any of the mentors for support today!

Chester Leoso
Leeward grads at commencement posing for camera

Staff Groups

Each of the employee classification groups at Leeward have committees that work with the Innovation Center for Teaching and Learning to provide workshops or retreats that are tailored to the needs of staff employees. For more information, contact the following chairs listed below.

  • Administrative, Professional, and Technical (APT) Group
    Chair: Lynn Fuikawa
  • Administrative Support Group (ASG)
    Chair: Tiffany Kasoga
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Group
    Chair: None
    Email ICTL Coordinator Erin Thompson at