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Building Our Campus Community

Creating a supportive work environment that encourages our employees to thrive is one of Leeward’s main objectives. The ICTL supports our campus community and creating thriving employees through the following programs and committees.

Leeward grads at commencement posing for camera

New Hire Orientation

Welcome to ʻOhana Leeward! Your introduction to our campus community begins with New Hire Orientation where you will meet campus leaders, key personnel, and make friends with other new employees. Fall sessions are held in person while Spring sessions are currently conducted on Zoom.

For more information, contact your Division Chair or reach out to the ICTL Coordinator. We look forward to getting to know you!

Book Club

The Leeward CC Book Club is a professional development program sponsored by the Innovation Center for Teaching and Learning. Each year, a call out for suggested book titles are offered and voted on by those interested in joining. Participants read the selection over the course of a term and at the end of the semester, engage in robust, thoughtful, and supportive reading discussions. All chosen titles are not only meant to engage and entertain the reader, but also provide context for deeper reflection and sharing with colleagues, especially within the context of the work we do at Leeward.

Examples of previous featured Book Club readings include the following.

Check your campus email for the next invitation to be a part of Leeward’s Book Club!

Leeward grads at commencement posing for camera

Campus Committees

Leeward thrives because of the service and volunteerism of its employees. If you would like to get involved, meet colleagues, and feel good about your contributions to our college, check out the comprehensive list of campus committees that are available for employees to join.