Test Center

Test Center Location

Location: Learning Commons Building, 1st floor, Pearl Harbor side
Phone: (808) 455-0273
Fax: (808) 455-0472

Services Offered

  • Limited Accuplacer Testing
  • Proctoring services are being offered for Leeward CC courses only.
  • Proctoring services for both on-line and written tests for Distance Education (DE) courses 
  • Proctoring services for make-up exams for campus courses

For test center access, students must present a photo identification card or a current validated UH system photo ID. Photo ID required for all services: NO ID — NO TEST. The name of the student must be on the class list provided by the instructor to the testing center staff. No cell phone use and other electronic devices are allowed during testing (unless specified by the instructor).  Calculators (except for specific math courses) and headphones are not provided.  As a courtesy to others, please do not bring children to the test center.  No food or drink is allowed inside the test center.

Please email lcctest@hawaii.edu to schedule an Accuplacer Placement Test or Make-up Exam.

Testing 1-2-3

As you prepare for your classes, we wanted to share our solutions for testing and SLO assessments throughout the semester.

  1. Alternative approaches to assessing student learning
  2. Instructor Proctored Tests
  3. Remote Live Online Proctoring

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Spring 2024 (January 8, 2024 – May 10, 2024)
Mondays – Thursdays: Limited Accuplacer Testing and Makeup Testing, 8am to 3pm
Fridays: Closed (No placement testing)
Closed weekends and state holidays
*Hours subject to change

January 15, February 19, March 26, and March 29

Due to the Current COVID-19 Pandemic
• There is
NO proctoring of non-UH system exams at this time.
• If you are sick or have signs of illness, you will be asked to leave and reschedule for another day.

Accuplacer Placement Testing and Limited Make-up Testing Only

Hours of Operation – BY ASSIGNED APPOINTMENT ONLY (No Walk-Ins)

Mondays (M) – Thursdays (R) 8:00am – 3:00pm
Fridays: Closed
Closed weekends and state holidays
***Hours subject to change***

Accuplacer Placement Testing and Limited Make-up Testing is available for Leeward Community College Home Campus students Mondays to Thursdays

Photo ID is required for testing

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, face masks are mandatory for all in-person testing with social distancing. If you are sick or have signs of illness, you will be asked to leave and reschedule for another day.

Accuplacer Test Retest Fee Form

Due to social distancing rules, Accuplacer placement, an exam requiring students to be face-to-face in a tight classroom, is offered in-person, on a limited basis. Instead, UHCC campuses are using EdReady, which students take at home. Usage can be a bit tricky, so please read through all instructions carefully BEFORE starting the exam. During our test run, students who ran into difficulties, including lost scores, did so because they did not read through all instructions. If, after going through the steps below, especially the handout and video, you still have any questions, please see your Leeward CC Counselor.


  1. Meet with your counselor, schedule a meeting with a counselor by calling (808) 455-0233
  2. You will need your UH username.
  3. Please read through the EdReady handout and review the UHCC EdReady Website explaining EdReady procedures.
  4. You will take the test on your own. Please find a quiet place where you will not be distracted for three hours. Follow the directions carefully. If you do not enter the exam through the designated UHCC portal (explained on the handout), you will take an unauthorized test and scores will NOT count.

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