ʻUmeke, calabash, holds and opens access to the wealth of resources we provide.  Indigenous professional development opportunities aim to enrich and fill the ʻumeke of all employees at Leeward Community College.  As the ʻumeke fills, it is the continued kuleana, responsibility and privilege, to fill the ʻumeke of our most valued resource- our haumāna, our students.

Leeward grads at commencement posing for camera


Hoʻolaʻi is to cause to be still. It is to poise aloft as a bird, to be quiet, calm, and peaceful. With access to these resources, students in targeted programs journey through degree completion in a poise manner to achieve academic success and degree completion. Each manual contain chapters on college essentials and specific degree program information.


Pākōlea is to train and grow in a desired shape as a plant.  Student Support Services will be offered to ASNS, AA-HWST, and AST degree programs to ensure student growth is supported and developed in the most desirable way needed.  Students have access to a Native Hawaiian Student Support Specialist that provide services to strengthen student persistence to graduation. 

Leeward grads at commencement posing for camera

Publications, Research

Research by Native Hawaiian Leeward CC Faculty


Suggested Readings


This repository includes indigenous educational videos.  These videos inform about cultural practice, values, or history through place based learning, interviews or panel discussions.

Instructional videos come from the work of faculty that participate in the Paeʻāina Cross-Disciplinary Indigenous Professional Learning Community.  In this program, faculty of ASNS and AST degree programs create open educational resource lesson templates that are housed in the ʻUmeke repository.  Instructional videos include actual instruction or reflection of instruction.

We showcase indigenous community building efforts of Leeward CC in this repository.  This includes culture based events, demonstrations, ceremonies, programs, and activities that further develop a Native Hawaiian Place of Learning.